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Since 1989, ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp. has been the "Leader" in the design, development, and sales of over 28 different school supply products and interactive computer software programs. Our customers include hundreds and hundreds of middle schools, high schools, colleges, youth programs, churches, State and Government agencies, social service organizations, and after school centers.  ACT Software and Academic Services also specializes in motivational psychology workshops, tutoring, and career counseling for students of all ages and races.

ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp. sales began to skyrocket since 1992, after the Pennsylvania Department of Education‚Äč-Special Education Department-purchased 237,000 copies of our To Get An 'A' or Not To Get An 'A' Tutorial Workbooks for all 83 of their High Schools and after school youth programs.   We have  filled large orders from retail chains, U. S. Military,  Department of Education,  restaurant chains, and State and Government Agencies.  Our corporation thrives to Give Back to the Community and Make a Difference by investing thousands and thousands of dollars in the community  by sponsoring youth programs, sports teams, church programs, trips, and 'special events'.   And, We hire the Best,  Because We are the Best!!!

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ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp. designs, develops, and sells over 28 different school supplies products and software programs.

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ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp. performs motivational psychology with at risk and special needs students of all ages.

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ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp. mentors and tutors students of all ages and races. Especially, at-risk, disadvantaged, and bi-polar.

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ACT Software and Academic Services, Corp.  sponsors many activities and events in the public sector and community. Especially, sports events, , youth programs, Fraternities and Sororities, church choirs, and, other activities held by non profit organizations.